Welcome to The JM Upholstery Group We are a family run business, trading for over 40 years in the upholstery/furniture repairing trade. and celebrating 10 years online.
Originally we began as a upholstery repair company in 1973 repairing anything from car seat trimming to recovering dinning chairs. as the years go by we've establish ourself with our high quality professional work carried out.
We are a Nationwide network for all furniture repairs, (view our work completed page to get an ideas of just some examples of work we have carried out).. We commercially have contracted work from major Warranty companies, aswell as visiting residential homes for the in-home repair services.
We come out to your home and repair on site/in-home (fully Insured) and also have workshops for bigger jobs that need taking away for repair. Our team all have many years of experience in the trade with most technicians alone with over 25 years, we only give the highest standard of work carried out and to provide you with further reassurance, JM Upholstery Ltd is a member of the Consumer Protection Scheme run by the Furniture Ombudsman. (The Furniture Ombudsman is recognised by the Office of Fair Trading as an independent conciliation service).
We can book in all call out repairs within 48 hours or your enquiry

..More recently in 2004 as a repairing team we found it hard to source parts for broken recliner sofas, this was the beginning of our dedication to being able to be the first to supply replacement recliner parts to members of the public, mainly to sofas brought that were out of there manufacture warranty.
As the years go by traders in the business hear of us and brings us to where we are now supplying to major warranty companies, upholsterer's/furniture technicians as well as being the largest retailer of recliner parts available Worldwide with the largest range of parts(as shown on our online shops) being able to supply 95% of all replacement action parts for manual and electric recliners including motors, transformers, handset/control buttons, handles and cables.
We have expanded worldwide with online shops across the globe with online shops in the U.S, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Europe.. visit our online shop at http://shop.jmupholstery.com
to browse our product range, this directs to our U.K site, of which our other online shops can be navigated by the flags at the top of the screen.

Est. 1973